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21 July 2023

PETRONAS Carigali Oil and Gas Discoveries

PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, has achieved remarkable success with the discovery of six oil and gas reserves across five blocks situated off the Sarawak coast in Malaysia.

The newly uncovered oil and gas reservoirs have emerged from a variety of sources within the region. The Gedombak well located in Block SK306 and the Mirdanga well in Block SK411, both situated within the Balingian province, have been significant contributors to this achievement. In addition, the Sinsing well in Block SK313, the Machinchang and Pangkin wells in Block SK301B, and the Kalung Emas well in Block SK315 within the West Luconia province have all revealed valuable reserves. These discoveries are characterized by their minimal levels of contaminants, bolstering their significance further.

The productive outcomes of these oil and gas explorations can be attributed to an extensive domestic drilling campaign that was launched in late 2022. Notably, this initiative led to the momentous discovery of Nahara-1 in Block SK306, marking one of the most substantial oil findings by PETRONAS Carigali in recent decades.

Datuk Adif Zulkifli, the Executive Vice President and CEO of Upstream at PETRONAS, expressed his thoughts on this achievement. He stated, "The series of successful discoveries serves as a clear testament to the untapped exploration potential within Malaysia's basins. These prospects await discovery by companies that embrace innovative approaches and novel methods."

The innovative methodology employed by PETRONAS Carigali, known as "clustered exploration," has been a driving force behind this triumph. This distinctive approach, tailored for well-developed geological provinces, has contributed significantly to the positive outcomes. Mohd Redhani Abdul Rahman, the Vice President of Exploration at PETRONAS, emphasized the role of this pioneering spirit within the exploration teams. He remarked, "These discoveries are a testament to our exploration teams' willingness to challenge conventional norms and break longstanding paradigms. The initial success has provided strong motivation, spurring us to intensify our endeavors."

Looking ahead, PETRONAS Carigali is determined to extend the success of this innovative approach to its other exploration projects in Malaysia. The company remains resolute in its commitment to ensuring energy security while actively supporting the global energy transition. Leveraging its expertise and pioneering techniques, PETRONAS Carigali aims to continue fostering growth and driving innovation within the energy sector.