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We provide trusted investment solutions that enable you to capitalise on the megastructure construction that is happening across the globe.

Megastructure projects – those worth $1 billion or more – are growing in both scale and frequency. Latest reports value the cost of these builds in the $trillions, with countries building everything from tunnels, bridges and dams, to new stadia, wind farms, communications systems – even entire new cities.

Based in Hong Kong, we’ve been delivering significant returns on investment to clients since 2007. We’re experts on the construction market – specifically the major investment opportunities that arise from these massive projects that are re-shaping and re-defining countries such as China, India, Japan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the US.

The wealthiest investors know that owning hard assets is a proven strategy.

In fact, over 72% of this equipment is rented by construction firms – which is where we come in.

Our skilled team of advisors works with our clients to deliver monthly cash payments from simple lease and buyback investments. Our clients effectively buy the construction machinery and lease it back to construction firms. Then, at the end of the agreement, clients sell back the equipment for what they paid for it.

The wealthiest investors know that owning hard assets is a proven strategy. 

We are trusted by investors all over the world, and in 2019 our investment solutions rewarded that trust by delivering a 24.76% return.

The scale of the opportunity is massive. Foundation Capital is your expert partner into megastructure construction, working with you hand-in-hand to unlock this wealth and deliver significant portfolio growth.

We’re here to make investing simple and easy for you.

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