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08 September 2023

Perenco Boosts Onshore Oil Production in Mexico through Successful Drilling Campaign

Perenco Mexico has reported positive outcomes from its recent drilling campaign at Santuario Noreste onshore Mexico.

The latest drilling campaign, a continuation of Perenco's successful operations in Mexico since 2018, involved the drilling of six new wells. Among these were three producing wells and three wells dedicated to water injection, as part of a secondary recovery project.

Of the three producing wells, the first commenced production in April 2023 and is currently yielding approximately 2,300 barrels of oil per day (bopd). The second well not only provided essential data but also achieved an average production rate of 1,500 bopd. The third well, with untapped potential, is in the process of ramping up from its current rate of around 1,300 bopd. These results have already enabled Perenco Mexico to increase production by nearly 5,100 bopd, with a clear objective to further enhance these figures by 2024.

The three wells dedicated to water injection have been strategically designed to maximize the ultimate recovery rate of the field, with anticipated additional reserves comparable to those of the producing wells drilled this year, albeit over a more extended timeframe.

Since its arrival in Mexico in 2018, initially in partnership with Petrofac, Perenco has achieved a remarkable tripling of production on the Santuario & El Golpe permit, soaring from 5,500 bopd to 17,000 bopd. This significant increase was initially realized through enhancements to existing wells.

Employing artificial lift technologies, Perenco has converted seven wells to electric submersible pumps (ESP) on the Santuario Main and El Golpe fields, effectively doubling their production since 2018. Santuario Noreste had already witnessed a threefold production increase in recent years, thanks to well rehabilitation, bringing more productive layers into production, drilling new wells, expanding treatment facilities, and the early implementation of recovery strategies.