How Foundation Capital can help you build your own wealth alongside the $multi-trillion global construction market.

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Global infrastructure is changing – and fast.

Across the world, nations are investing billions in ‘megastructure’ projects – projects that cost over $1 billion to fund. From airports and highways to the world’s largest wind-power base and the development of entire new cities, major projects are happening right now and on a massive scale.

Foundation Capital was established in 2007 to enable investors to realise substantial gains from this fast-moving, highly lucrative opportunity.

Worldwide construction equipment rental market to reach $75.2 billion by 2024.
85% growth amounting to $15.5 trillion in the US, India and China by 2030.


Our expertise lies in giving you access to the megastructure construction market.

The premise is very simple – you invest in the machinery and technology that is the foundation of all megastructure builds. We then lease your equipment to those businesses managing the projects, earning you a monthly income. At the end of five years (or longer) you get your money back by selling the asset at the price you paid for it.

With a proven track record working across many megastructure projects, we have the contacts, the know-how and the reach to enable investors to add significant monthly income streams to their portfolios.

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