How Foundation Capital can help you build your own wealth alongside the $multi-trillion energy market.

Owning and leasing oil tanks have outperformed the capital markets.

No industry can function without energy. That energy needs to be transported and delivered. It is delivered in an oil tank.

The US and European Union have stopped importing Russian oil. This has created a huge shortage of energy and industry cannot function without it. If industrial production stops, the economy collapses and no government can allow that to happen.

Oil is delivered in a tank. And an oil tank outperforms and is safer than stock or Crypto speculation.

Foundation Capital was established in 2007 and has a proven history of generating significant returns. We provide clients with ACCESS to the energy markets that deliver your second paycheck paid on the 28th of every month. 



Our expertise lies in giving you access to the energy market.

The premise is very simple – you invest in the oil tanks, and we then lease your tanks to those businesses transporting oil, earning you a monthly passive income. At the end of five years (or longer) you get your money back by selling the oil tanks at the price you paid for them.

With a proven track record working across the globe, we have the contacts, the know-how and the reach to enable investors to add significant monthly income streams to their portfolios.

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