Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about investing in lease and buyback assets with Foundation Capital.

What can Foundation Capital offer you?

We provide trusted investment solutions that enable unique opportunities for you to capitalise on the energy transportation market across the globe.

How does Foundation Capital help you invest?

We help you decide on the investment strategy best suits your circumstances and expectations. Our specialists are well-trained in determining potential projects and recommending the best investment strategies. As a client, you can then decide on purchasing the appropriate real assets and renting them to leasing firms.

When the contract ends, sell your assets and get your initial investment back.

How often will I receive updates on the performance of my investments?

You will receive a statement of account every month. We are also available by phone to provide you with an update of the status of your account at any time – just give us a call at +852.300.11.111.

When will I receive returns from my investment?

Returns generated will be paid to you monthly in cash. There will be no other fee or hidden cost to the returns. You will also enjoy 100% capital preservation because your investment is protected through insurance.

Who manages my portfolio?

Once you contact us a dedicated account manager will look after you every step of the way.

Am I responsible for the day to day tasks that come along with rental investments?

No, that is our job; to provide you with passive income every month – meaning you do not have to work nor take any action to receive your monthly cash payments.

How do I find renters?

You don’t, we do it for you. We have access to the companies that need oil tanks in multiple industries.

How long is a typical contract?

A typical contract will last for five years. However, bespoke contracts can be arranged to suit your personal requirements.

Additionally, at the end of the contract, you can decide to continue it by restructuring your assets if you wish.

When can I sell my assets back?

At the end of the contract, you will sell your assets back at the same price you paid. In 2022: 21.3%

How much can I expect my investment to make?

We have continuously been trusted to bring an average return of 19.63%. In 2019, we hit the mark on the investment return at 24.76%.

Where do I start?

Just dial +852.300.11.111 and our experts can get you started right now.

We’re here to make investing simple and easy for you.

Give us a call or fill out the form to get started.

Call for a free consultation.

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