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Our dynamic leaders and employees represent Foundation Capital’s commitment to providing trusted investment solutions. We share a passionate belief in Foundation Capital’s promise and potential.

Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Pierre MARTIN

Dr. Pierre Martin is an experienced Chief Operating Officer with a demonstrated history of working for 20 years in banking and finance. A hands-on, driven, and highly personable leader, he possesses a track record of improving sales, revenues, and profits across a wide range of retail and business sectors in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Middle East for worldwide renowned companies. Known for his disciplined work ethic, unquestionable integrity, and team-oriented style, he tackles problems with energy, keen business acumen, and sensitivity to myriad cultural nuances. His successful career is supported by a Ph.D. in economics from the prestigious Science Po University in Paris, France.

Asia-Pacific Regional Director
Mrs. Jessica LIU

Mrs. Jessica Liu is a professional graduate with experience in implementing international projects; she is a unique result-oriented, energetic, and responsible leader with a can-do attitude in project execution. She has worked internationally in China, Korea, and the USA, which earned her diverse sales expertise in multinational corporations with a global mindset and local insight; she performs the best in challenging jobs & human-focused work environments. Mrs. Liu is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, English, and Korean, and she graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. 

Director of Clientele Relations
Mrs. Amanda COLIN

With 10 years of professional experience in worldwide financial institutions in North America, England, and Hong Kong, Mrs. Amanda Collins is now responsible for client relationship management at Foundation Capital Investment. She is an expert in building and maintaining long-term relationships with a large panel of multicultural clients from all around the world. Mrs. Collins is a bilingual speaker of French and English and has completed a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management in Canada. 

Business Development Director
Mr. Tyler CURTIS

With 15 years of experience in banking and finance, Mr. Tyler Curtis has worked with a range of international companies and banks in the Middle East, Europe, and East Asia. He has been responsible for business development and strategy of networks and research at Foundation Capital Investment for the past 5 years. His experience helps us build brand recognition and customer loyalty and expand our presence worldwide. He is assertive, insightful, and possesses strong business acumen that enables him to seek new growth opportunities. Lastly, Mr. Curtis is a graduate of the Maastricht School of Management and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Oceania and North America Regional Director

With 12 years of experience in Financial Economics, Mr. James Durden demonstrates great abilities in Communication, Sales Management, and Leadership Development. Mr. Durden has a long history of working for numerous international banks with 7 years of experience in North America and 3 years in Australia. He has now been working with us in Hong Kong for 2 years.

Mr. Durden holds a Master of Financial Economics from the University of Columbia in New York, USA.


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