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14 August 2023

Energy NL Extends Warm Welcome to Equinor's 2024 Exploration Program

In response to Equinor's announcement of their upcoming offshore exploration program for 2024, Charlene Johnson, the CEO of Energy NL, has shared her thoughts.

Equinor's revelation that they are set to execute an exploration program on the Sitka prospect, utilizing the Hercules semi-submersible rig in 2024, resonates as a pivotal and exhilarating development for Energy NL constituents and the energy sector of Newfoundland and Labrador. This announcement underscores a dedicated commitment to the region and the Bay du Nord project, while also showcasing a robust belief in the collaborative prowess of the supply and service sector in facilitating this significant exploration endeavor.

Throughout recent months, Energy NL has actively engaged in constructive conversations with Equinor. Charlene Johnson remains steadfast in her conviction that the Bay du Nord project is on track for realization. In the dynamic landscape of energy evolution, the importance of low-carbon offshore oil from Newfoundland and Labrador cannot be overstated. With its status as one of the world's least carbon-intensive projects, Bay du Nord is poised to play a pivotal role in meeting the global demand for energy.

The impending commencement of this exploration program is eagerly anticipated. Its launch will provide a tangible demonstration of the inherent value encapsulated within the Bay du Nord project and the broader Newfoundland and Labrador offshore domain. A spotlight will also shine on the instrumental role that Energy NL members are poised to assume in steering the exploration program's success and the overarching project accomplishments.

Energy NL serves as the collective voice for nearly 500 member organizations spanning the globe, all deeply embedded in the energy sector's fabric. These members operate across the entire spectrum of the supply and service domain, representing a diverse array of enterprises. From offshore supply vessels and helicopters to cutting-edge advancements in carbon reduction and sustainable technologies, from paramount considerations of health and safety equipment to comprehensive training provisions, from innovative engineering solutions to accomplished fabricators, and extending to esteemed law firms and adept human resource agencies, the breadth of representation within Energy NL is truly exceptional.