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China's Mega Projects


What is a mega project?

A mega project is defined as a project that costs over USD $1 billion.

Latest figures from analysts such as Global Data value the total construction project pipeline in China at US$3.2 trillion. With this massive growth comes major investment opportunity.

Below you’ll find the latest news and views on the rapidly evolving Chinese mega project scene. Find out what the global media is saying about China’s growth and development. And contact us to discover more about how your investment portfolio can flourish on the back of such rapid, major-scale construction.

Hong Kong- Zhuhai Macau Bridge

  • The largest ocean crossing in the world
  • Consisting:
    1. Three cable-stayed bridges
    2. Three man-made islands
    3. One of the world’s longest undersea tunnels
  • Cost: over $15 billion USD
  • Purpose: connecting Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai which can reduce journey times between 3 cities and standing as a testament to the engineering might of the Chinese.

Water Diversion Project

  • The world's largest water-diversion project.
  • Purpose: channel 44.8 billion cubic meters of fresh water annually from the Yangtze River in southern China to the more arid and industrialized north through three canal systems.
  • Cost: $172 billion USD

Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link in South China

  • It is an important project of China’s Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau Greater Bay.
  • Purpose: connecting Shenzhen and Shongshan cities
  • Cost: $4.83 billion USD

Craziest Engineering Projects in China

  • Wuhan Railway Station - Cost: $2.12 billion USD
  • Shanghai Tower - Cost: $2.4 billion USD
  • Beijing Capital International Airport - Cost: $13.6 billion USD
  • Nanhui new city - Cost: $4.5 billion USD
  • Jiangya Dam - Cost: $6.3 billion USD
  • Beijing South Railway Station - Cost: $6.3 billion USD
  • Three Gorges Dams - Cost: $6.76 billion USD
  • Sutong Yangtze River Bridge - Cost: $7.89 billion USD
  • Jiaozhou Bay Bridge - Cost: $16 billion USD