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"Because two incomes are better than one."

How we help you build your own wealth alongside the multi-billion dollar rental assets market.

Foundation Capital was established in 2007 and has a proven history of generating significant returns. We provide clients with ACCESS to the rental asset markets that deliver your second paycheck paid on the 28th of every month.

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Owning and leasing rental assets has outperformed the capital markets.

No industry can function without the necessary equipment. That equipment needs to be purchased and made available via a lease.

The US and European Union have stopped importing Russian oil. This has created a huge shortage of energy and industry cannot function without it. If industrial production stops, the economy collapses and no government can allow that to happen.

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Completely passive income.

Earn an annual 21% or more return whilst preserving capital outlay.

You will earn income with zero ongoing effort after your initial investment, providing you a steady and reliable source of income. Reach your financial goals, and start earning income without having to trade your time for money.

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What Our Clients Say

Connor B



"I have been an investor for 15 years. I’m tired of the stock market, it’s so volatile, unstable, you never know where you stand with stocks. Crypto is worse, (well we all know what’s happened to crypto) and bonds deliver nothing. Foundation Capital gives me monthly income, my investment is insured and I can sell my assets at the end of the lease at the same price I paid. It's the same as property - it just pays 4.5 times more!"

What if you had invested $100,000 USD in Bitcoin, Stocks, or Rental Assets?

With a second income.

We're here to make investing simple and easy for you.
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