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Incheon International Airport Phase 4, South Korea

With US$412 million in investment, the expansion of Incheon International Airport is projected to increase its capacity to allow 29 million more passengers and create 60,000 new jobs after its completion in 2024.

Gadeok Airport, South Korea

With a budget of US$10.8 billion and in preparation for the 2030 Busan World Expo, the city of Busan expects to complete the construction of the Gaedok New Airport by 2029 in order to attract large crowds of visitors and participants. 

Chuo Shinkansen, Japan

Estimated at US$52-billion, The Chuo Shinkansen Project (a.k.a the Tokaido Shinkansen Bypass) will connect Tokyo and Nagoya, providing a more direct line and reducing the travel time between the two cities by approximately 50%, compared to the existing Tokaido Shinkansen maglev line by 2037. 

South-North Water Transfer, China

The South-North Water Transfer Megaproject is worth US$62 billion and aims to transfer significant quantities of water from China’s humid south to the arid north. 

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Megastructure projects require huge amounts of construction equipment. And because so much of it is required, construction companies have an ever-increasing dependency on rental and leasing agencies to complete their projects. Our investment expertise is focused on this construction machinery. We put the contracts in place to enable you to buy machinery and equipment as an asset. You then lease that asset back – via our leasing partners – to those firms managing the building developments.

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