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Lease-and-buyback investment

Lease and Buyback

How it works.


Lease and buyback investments deliver what is known as ‘passive’ or ‘unearned’ income. You simply own something, (oil or gas tank, machinery, equipment etc), rent it to somebody else, sit back and receive cash payments into your bank account every month.

“It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.”

Oscar Wilde

Moving oil delivers reliable, consistent, and profitable passive income paid monthly. All you need is access to the oil transportation market and Foundation Capital gives you that access.

Our investment expertise is focused on this market. We put the contracts in place to enable you to buy oil tank as an asset. You then lease that asset back – via our leasing partners – to those firms transporting oil.

Fixed or floating rate returns from insured assets

All lease and buyback investments deliver monthly income. You have the choice between a fixed 14% return, or floating rate return which historically has delivered higher income. We have strict business relationships with the companies that lease our equipment, verifying their creditworthiness through a rigorous audit process. To protect your investment your assets are insured at all times.

Our process has been refined, perfected and proven over the past 12 years of renting our clients’ assets to industry.

Sell the asset back for what you paid for it

As the name suggests, lease and buyback investments come with a guaranteed buy back, meaning you can sell your assets at any time and get your initial investment back.

20FT-LPG-ISO-Tank-Container-for-Propane-Gas-Transport-UN-Portable-Tank-UN-1075-T50-IMDG-RID-ADR-ASME-BV-Certified- (3)
20FT-LPG-ISO-Tank-Container-for-Propane-Gas-Transport-UN-Portable-Tank-UN-1075-T50-IMDG-RID-ADR-ASME-BV-Certified- (1)

The benefits of lease and buyback investing with Foundation Capital

These investments produce a sustainable source of passive income with 100% capital preservation.

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