No Saving at 50? These Streams of Passive Income Can Help

Many people forego retirement and work for as long as possible, mainly because they don’t have enough savings. Have you not saved money for retirement, either? Don’t worry; you will not be one of them as long as you know how to create passive income streams by safe investment, shown below.  

High-yield savings accounts

High-yield savings accounts may be a suitable option to get a monthly income. It offers higher interest than traditional ones and helps to grow your money passively. This investment type is FDIC-insured, so you won’t have to worry about significant financial risks or monthly fees. In addition, the interest is compounded every day. This may give you the incentive to save your money and watch it grow faster than you could with a traditional savings account.

For example, if you were to deposit $25,000 of your savings into an AMEX high-yield savings account at 0.40% annual percentage yield. With zero monthly deposit, you will earn $504 in interest after five years. It may not provide you the high return as stocks and other types. Still, for some people, this might be the safest and most convenient choice, mainly when you are more into relaxing than brainstorming for a complex strategic investment plan. 

Certificates of deposit

Like High-yield savings accounts, Certificates of deposit (CDs) are one of the safest investment options for seniors. With CDs, a fixed amount of money will be put away for a set time to generate a guaranteed return. These can be purchased at brokerage firms, banks, and credit unions, with the bank paying higher fixed interest on the fixed amount. It can be considered savings account with a limited money rate over time.

Like an FDIC-insured high-yield savings account, CDs are insured for up to $250,000. You’ll receive the money you invested and the interest when you redeem the CD. CDs have zero risk and higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts. These rates are fixed, unlike APYs for other accounts. Plus, you can enjoy higher interest rates on your deposit and no monthly fees.

High-quality dividend stocks

With retirement potentially lasting 30 or more years, it’s necessary to have a source of growth in your investment portfolio. Stocks may be the best choice to provide this growth and a hedge against inflation. However, not any stock belongs in a retirement portfolio.

When allocating to equities within a retiree’s account, investors should consider high-quality, mature companies with competitive positions within their industries, reasonable valuations, and growing dividends. The highest valuation companies in the market seem to suffer the most in a market downturn and give those post-retirement or old investors a “heart attack.” To guarantee the return, investors should look for quality companies with a history of paying regular and growing dividends that can serve as a source of income regardless of the stock’s current valuation. 

Also, be aware that dividends are not guaranteed. A company can stop paying its premium or change the dividend amount at any time. Therefore, Investors should pair dividend-paying stocks with more reliable income sources, such as bonds and annuities.

Leasing and Buyback investment

It is not hard to miss the need for companies to watch the dollar closer than ever before.

Leasing and Buyback investment is a stream of passive income which assure investors monthly returns without having them do any duties. This model has anything post-retirement or old investors need: security, high interest, and convenience. 

The premise of Lease and Buyback is straightforward: you invest in the machinery and technology needed for mega builds around the world through a company. That company then leases your equipment to those businesses managing the projects, earning you a monthly income. At the end of the contract, investors could get their money back by selling the asset at the price they paid for it.

Lease and Buyback is among the smartest, safest, and most sustainable investment choices, especially when the market is in a downturn. Business leaders in manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and other heavy industries often face a dilemma when using new equipment. What are they doing to maintain a steady sail in the economic storm? They are taking a financial inventory of their business and rethinking their heavy equipment acquisition methods by searching for reliable suppliers to provide them with the equipment quickly for a reasonable fee. 

Investing in Leasing and Buyback investment, the return may be flexible due to your package and the type of equipment you use. Heavy equipment rental is the most common in the construction, energy, medical, and transportation industries. 

Lease and Buyback with Foundation Capital 

Foundation Capital is the initiative in leasing and buyback investment. With a proven track record working across many megastructure projects, Foundation Capital have reached all the requirement to ensure the return for investors: The contacts to reliable businesses, the know-how, the policy, and the reach to enable the monthly income streams to investor’s portfolios.

Foundation Capital offers all the advantages that investors want for a passive income stream:

The convenience: 

Contact Foundation Capital, Investors will be consulted carefully to decide on the investment strategy and equipment that best suits their targets by well-trained specialists who determine potential projects. Am I responsible for the day-to-day tasks that come along with rental investments?

The flexibility: 

Your exit strategy is easy. We provide trusted investment solutions that enable unique opportunities for you to capitalize on the megastructure construction, medical equipment, and transportation projects that are happening across the globe.

The high return: 

We have continuously been trusted to bring an average return of 19.63%. In 2019, we hit the mark on investment return at 24.76%. Returns generated will be paid to you monthly in cash.

The security: 

A guaranteed buyback protects your capital at the price you paid. When the contract ends, or at any given time, we help you sell your assets and get your initial investment back. There will be no other fee or hidden cost to the returns. You will also enjoy 100% capital preservation because your investment is protected through insurance.

Therefore, if you are 50 and still searching for a sustainable source of passive income with 100% capital preservation to compensate for your lack of savings, dial +852.300.11.111; Foundation Capital’s experts can get you started right now. 

How to Start Investing with Foundation Capital

If you want to generate a sustainable passive income stream, Foundation Capital is one of the most reliable organizations to invest in.  Our process has been refined, perfected, and proven over the past 12 years of renting our clients’ assets to the construction industry.

For more detailed information on how to make a capital investment in construction with Foundation Capital, as well as the terms, conditions, and risks, refer to the following FAQs and guides:

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