Tough Times For Everyone But U.S Gas And Tank Shipments

Rising oil and gas prices are frustrating, but there are tactics you can take to navigate your financial goals amid the unusual situation. Notably, oil and gas tank containers offer an unconventional yet smart way to maximize this opportunity.

The U.S. to Top Slot of Exporters amid Energy Crisis

Until recently, Russia supplied around 40% of the E.U’s gas needs. Since the invasion of Ukraine, the Western sanction against Russian oil and gas has caused global prices to almost double in many countries. Also fueled by the lifting of lockdowns, the rising energy costs are putting pressure on households and businesses alike.

Then came the “joint game plan” in which the U.S promised to increase exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe by 15 billion cubic meters this year. The extra LNG can replace some of the energy supplies the E.U has received from Russia and move it closer to the goal of greater gas stability.

Nevertheless, importing gas from the U.S is different from transporting gas through pipelines from Russia. The logistic arrangement is complicated. For example, a fleet of gas tanks needs to be set up for long-term usage for the “game plan” to make sense.

But the commitment needs to be there to rid the E.U of its dependence on Russian energy. For investors looking for a secure and rewarding investment, this is good news!

One of a lifetime investing opportunity

As gas and oil prices are not expected to go down anytime soon, there is not much that investors like you can do to diminish their financial impacts. Hence, the fact that the U.S is becoming the largest LNG exporter, not only to E.U but worldwide, offers a golden opportunity.

As the global demand for U.S LNG continues to grow, investing in oil and gas tank containers emerges as an intelligent way to increase your earnings. The better news is that the investing process is very simple for different levels of investors.

First, the investment options are varied, depending on your preferred budget. The choices range from different sizes of tank containers and their abilities to be integrated with transporting options. Nevertheless, there are nearly no wrong choices, as all of these tank containers can offer reliable investment returns. After purchasing your tank container of choice, you can rent it to storing or transporting companies that will pay you monthly for the rental.

However, finding viable opportunities to purchase tank containers and lend them might not be straightforward. Access to such investments does not come by often, and without reliable management support, the returns might not be too desirable.


Foundation Capital is one of the more unique organizations enabling investors to participate in this highly lucrative opportunity. Established in 2007, Foundation Capital specializes in giving investors access to the construction and energy industries by means of investing in and owning the machinery and technology needed for megastructure builds.

How to Start Investing with Foundation Capital

If you want to generate a sustainable passive income stream, Foundation Capital is one of the most reliable organizations to invest in.  Our process has been refined, perfected, and proven over the past 12 years of renting our clients’ assets to the medical, construction and transportation industries.

For more detailed information on how to make a capital investment with Foundation Capital, as well as the terms, conditions, and risks, refer to the following FAQs and guides:

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