How To Take Advantage Of The Rising Oil And Gas Prices

Rising oil and gas prices are frustrating, but there are tactics you can take to navigate your financial goals amid the unusual situation. Notably, oil and gas tank containers offer an unconventional yet smart way to maximize this opportunity.


Since the invasion of Ukraine, Western countries have sanctioned Russian oil and gas, prompting warnings of retaliation from Moscow. This causes global gas prices to rise, with gas prices almost doubling in many countries over the last year. For instance, supply shortages have pushed oil prices in the U.S to increase from nearly $98 per barrel pre-war to about $117 per barrel now. Despite emergency measures, there’s little chance of a price drop anytime soon, with Foreign Policy predicting the price would likely continue to rise, topping $150 per barrel by the end of September—a price that hasn’t been seen since 2008.

Also fueled by the lifting of lockdowns, the rising energy costs are putting pressure on consumers, making it more expensive to heat homes and transport. A Reuters survey shows that a majority of U.S households face severe pressure on their incomes because of the price surges, while small businesses struggle to keep everything running at a time when it’s meant to be about rebuilding resilience after the pandemic. The theme is similar to other surveys and reports from international media. Throughout this time, most investing schemes offer no positive returns, according to these media.

As gas and oil prices are not expected to go down anytime soon, there is little you can do to diminish their financial impacts. Most practical “solutions” require significant changes and cutbacks that are either risky or excessive. Switching jobs, extreme expense tracking, and high-risk investments with little guarantee… might not work for everyone in a world where certainty remains far-fetched.

Instead of trying to choose the less harmful options to deal with the rising gas and oil prices, you can take advantage of the situation. While various investments are now struggling to offer positive returns, small numbers continue to deliver respectable income streams such as industrial assets, transport, or healthcare. Particularly, investing in oil and gas tank containers has become a promising option amid the fuel price surges.


Even though the oil and gas prices continue to rise with no possible end and alternative energy sources are still under-produced, the demand for them remains unaffected, according to ANZ Research analysts. “Signs of strong demand are continuing to emerge,” the analysts indicated.

Meanwhile, the link between oil and gas storage, transportation, and consumption is much more interdependent as compared to conventional goods. According to International Shipping Center, critical equipment and system design decisions cannot be made in isolation. Therefore, oil and gas tank containers that can enable cost savings (for example, by storing more products per slot and being flexible for transportation) become a saving grace amid the fuel price surges.

Rising oil and gas prices are frustrating, but they also open a new door of investing opportunities.

Subsequently, investing in oil and gas tank containers emerges as a smart way to increase your earnings. The options are varied, depending on your preferred budget. The choices range from different sizes of tank containers and their abilities to be integrated with transporting options. Nevertheless, there are nearly no wrong choices, as all of these tank containers can offer reliable investment returns.

You might want to ask what you can do after purchasing a tank container and how it can provide you with a stable income stream. It’s very simple. After purchasing your tank container of choice, you can rent it to storing or transporting companies that will pay you monthly for the rental.

However, finding viable opportunities to purchase tank containers and lend them might not be straightforward. Access to such investments does not come by often, and without reliable management support, the returns might not be too desirable.


Foundation Capital is one of the more unique organizations enabling investors to participate in this highly lucrative opportunity. Established in 2007, Foundation Capital specializes in giving investors access to the construction and energy industries by means of investing in and owning the machinery and technology needed for megastructure builds.

With our management support, you can access the broad portfolio of oil and gas tank containers and decide on the one that suits your budget or investing plans. We then lease these tank containers to businesses whose operation depends on them. As an investor, you can earn monthly income with returns of up to 26% per annum. Not only are the assets secured and insured, but you are also ensured of simple exit strategies with no hidden terms and conditions or fees. For instance, you can get your money back at the end of five-year contracts by selling these assets at the initial purchase price. Overall, we ensure that your investment is efficient, versatile, and safe.

Each and every one of us has, at one point, grumbled at gas prices, but the record highs can make you realize how differently you can look at money and investing opportunities. Please contact us for more detailed information on how to make a capital investment in these oil and gas tank containers.

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