How to Neutralize Inflation with Passive Income

Under the circumstance of inflation rising to record rates worldwide, the need to neutralize such acceleration is on every investor’s mind. The look for secure investments becomes essential for those who of us wish to earn a sustainable stream of passive income to maintain our living standards. And it might be easier than one might think.

The Upsetting Rise of Inflation 

There have been multiple drivers of the inflation surge at the current. On the one hand, the fourth pandemic wave is accompanied by high inflation levels, which have rocketed to nearly 8% in many countries. This is followed by noticeably higher prices of essential goods. On the other hand, the outbreak of the Russian invasion in Ukraine in February 2022 brought higher fuel costs, leading to manufacturers increasing prices. These facts and figures make us face an unavoidable truth: the inflation pressures in 2022 will undoubtedly keep increasing.

For the record, the annual inflation rate in the US had already accelerated to 8.6% in May of 2022. This has been the highest since December 1981, compared to market forecasts of 8.3%. Many households have faced the trouble of covering higher monthly costs with the same income when the prices of essentials have increased unexpectedly and have not shown any sign of stopping. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, energy prices rose 34.6%, the most since September of 2005, due to gasoline (48.7%), fuel oil (106.7%, the most significant increase on record), electricity (12%, the most significant 12-month increase since August 2006), and natural gas (30.2%, the most significant since July 2008). Food costs surged 10.1% – the first increase of 10% or more since March 1981. Significant increases were also seen in the prices of meats, poultry, fish, and eggs (14.2%). Other increases were shown in the cost of shelter (5.5%, the most since February 1991), household furnishings and operations (8.9%), used cars and trucks (16.1%), and airline fares (37.8%) while the cost of new vehicles eased slightly (12.6% vs. 13.2%). Meanwhile, the core inflation rate slowed for a second month to 6%, compared to expectations of 5.9%.

Passive income is a sustainable way to fight the rising inflation.

Passive Income from Safe Investment: Best Decision to Maintain Living Standard

People tend to combat rising inflation in 2 primary ways: tighten their belts or increase income.

For the first one, you need to review all your bills, then consider and cut off lots of stuff you don’t need. You may also shop for the best price or negotiate for the lowest spending. But it’s not accessible or sustainable when you have to lower your living standard for a long time. It is unarguable that living in long-term deprivation conditions is not our life’s purpose.

The second does seem better, but only if you do it correctly. Some people choose to improve their income by trying to find a new job, freelance jobs, or get a promotion which gets them under another type of extreme pressure. The inflation may go up after some unexpected events in a week, but the same thing does not happen to their salary when not everyone can be offered a better new job or increase their pay overnight. Moreover, the unemployment rate in some countries has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels, and many businesses are struggling with recruiting strategies. Many households show their problem management skill by making extra money outside of their job by selling things they are not using on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or other local social groups… But this seems to be unsuccessfully providing them with the regular income needed.

Still, there is always a proper way to fight inflation that you may or may not have tried before: improve your passive income by investment. Bank saving may always be your first thought when hearing the term “investment.” However, considering the current interest rate, which is far below inflation, other types of investment should be preferred. But whether these different types of investment make sense depends on how experienced and intelligent the decision you make and when you need to access the money. For people who have not yet learned to be an investor, where to put their possessions also creates major headaches. Additionally, there is always the risk they suffer when things happen out of the blue, making all their savings evaporate in a week or even a day.

So, is there any way to neutralize inflation that is safe, sustainable, and offers a high return? Good news: at Foundation Capital, we can provide you with the service you may have been searching for far too long.

Foundation Capital – Your Best Companion to Secure Investment 

Based in Hong Kong, Foundation Capital offers investment services focusing on Lease and Buyback investments in the construction field. The company has been operated with the mission to enable investors to realize and get substantial gains from the fast-moving and highly lucrative construction investment opportunity. With nearly 15 years of contribution, we can assure investors:

  • Simplicity: Unlike other high-return investments, the premise of Foundation Capital is quite simple and easy to catch up with: you invest in the equipment and technology that are the foundation of all megastructures and are owned by Foundation Capital. We then lease that equipment to those businesses which are managing the projects and earn you a leasing fee each month. At the end of five years (or longer), you get your money back by selling the asset at the price you paid.
  • High returns: Of all the investments you are considering to maintain high standard lives during inflation, Foundation Capital can promise you a monthly passive income that helps you wake up every morning satisfied that you are handling the situation well. Why? because we are trusted by investors worldwide, and in 2019, our investment solutions rewarded that trust by delivering a 24.76% return. You can choose between a fixed 14% return or a floating rate return which historically has delivered higher income.
  • Safety: Strict business relationships and strategic partnership between Foundation Capital and the construction companies that lease our equipment will help to verify their creditworthiness through a rigorous audit process and protect your investment. In addition, your assets are insured at all times.
  • Sustainability: Megastructure projects require huge amounts of construction equipment which is why construction companies have an ever-increasing dependency on rental and leasing agencies to complete their projects. The demand will undoubtedly keep rising in the situation that more and more megastructure projects are rising all over the world. Not just your choices of investment package but your interest can also be optimized and maintained.

For more credit, you can check out our project partners here. Put your faith in Foundation Capital; we will provide you with a sustainable source of passive income with 100% capital preservation.


How to Earn Passive Income with Foundation Capital

If you want to generate a sustainable passive income stream, Foundation Capital is one of the most reliable organizations to invest in.  Our process has been refined, perfected, and proven over the past 12 years of renting our clients’ assets to the construction industry.

For more detailed information on how to make a capital investment in construction with Foundation Capital, as well as the terms, conditions, and risks, refer to the following FAQs and guides:

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