Shenzen’s Electric Car Revolution Made Possible by the Government

One of the first countries to switch from diesel and gasoline to electric was Shenzhen, China. This southern city near the border of Hong Kong was one of the first metropolises to get on board the electronic revolution. Today, more than 16,000 buses and 12,000 cabs that zoom along its highways run on electricity. That’s akin to taking away 280,000 fuel driven cars off the streets. Noteworthy, all of the plug-in electric vehicles are manufactured in China.

Advantages of Going Fully Electric

The move may have cost a lot of money but it was seen as a calculated move and an investment. This has helped their citizens and the quality of the air they breathe. The switch has reportedly resulted in a drastic carbon-dioxide emissions reduction. Roughly 1.35 tons is lessened in the atmosphere of the town every year.

On top of that, the electronic program boosted the entire country’s competitiveness. Is must be highlighted, that Shenzhen is the very first city in the entire world to turn all of its fleet of buses and taxicabs into electric running machines. It is amazing how this town has surpassed many advanced nations around the globe, including the United States, when it comes to this form of technology.

Pushing for Success

The Chinese administration released several policies to ensure that they take the lead in this topic. From spending huge sums to subsidize vehicle manufacturers to set up quotas, and to give incentives for buyers of electric vehicles, the Chinese government let no stone unturned to ensure their plan’s success in pushing for this mode of transport.

It used the government’s influence to create a high demand for electric vehicles produced locally. Since the government could easily influence that niche of buses and taxis, then those were the first things that they changed.

Incentives from the Government

Many government administrations worldwide see the need of why electric cars are the future of transportation. However, only China’s multi-level strategy was the only one to break the barriers. Even the US is lagging behind the promotion of alternative forms of energy and electrification.

With China carrying the burden of air pollution, this step is a major advancement for them. This plan actually started in 2009 with a policy from Beijing’s top economic planning agency with the goal of making China a leader in the electric vehicle industry. They wanted to encompass all vehicle spectrum from sedans to truck and the battery that powers them.

The manufacturing companies were endowed with funds and encouragement to keep on pushing. That’s why in 2015, after many years of trials, Shenzhen finally unveiled their grand plan for buses and taxis. BYD, an electric vehicle manufacturer established deals with bus and taxi operators to see the government’s plan come into fruition. In return, BYD received more than half the price of each bus in the form of government dole outs.

On top of that, thousands of acres of land were utilized by the government as their charging station. The state-owned telecom hardware maker called Potevio was the one who made these stations. In the beginning, they all doubted it can be done, but now, they are all happily reaping the benefits.

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