The Most Popular Industry-wide Rental Stories Of 2018

2018 was an interesting year for the rental industry, as there were many different headlines. Here is a look at the most popular rental stories in 2018.

Banning Ladders From US Job Sites

Many experts believe that ladders are no longer an asset for workers, as they perform tasks on the job. Research has shown that over the last decade, close to 50% of fatal accidents on the job are caused by a ladder. This has caused many analysts to point out their belief that ladders are obsolete and should be replaced by newer technology. Ladders are used on construction sites primarily because they are viewed as a low cost option. Ladders have also been praised for their versatility. Ladders are also considered an asset on work sites because they do not require a lot of training to use them.

In recent months, workers have prioritized completing tasks in a relatively short amount of time. Construction workers in Europe have statistically been shown to complete tasks much faster and more efficiently because they do not rely on ladders. Dialogue continues to take place throughout the industry to see how to fix this issue.

United Rentals New Acquisition

United Rentals Inc. and BlueLine Rental reached an agreement that allowed United Rentals to acquire BlueLine from Platinum Equity. BlueLine is considered one of the top rental companies in North America. The company has multiple locations in Puerto Rico, Canada, and The United States. As a result of the acquisition, BlueLine will help United Rentals gain a larger market share in areas including Canada and The Gulf South. United Rentals CEO Michael Kneeland mentions that BlueLine has a unique customer base that connects with United Rentals’ base. Kneeland also notes that United Rentals and BlueLine share similar cultural values.

Generac Announces New Equipment Line

Generac announced at a recent rental show that they are creating a new line of products to their Pro Line of outdoor power equipment. Generac will market their products towards rental applications and landscape applications. The Pro-Line is supported by Generac’s large network of service providers. Some of the new products that debut under the Pro-Line include a stump grinder, portable generators, and a power wagon.

Caterpillar Launches New VIP Program

Caterpillar announced that they will be launching a National Accounts VIP Rental Program to meet the needs of large businesses throughout different regions. The company says that the new program was created to give their clients access to rental products through providing a direct point of contact. Their clients will also have access to the Caterpillar Customer Interaction Center. Each client will be assigned an Account Manager to help meet their individual needs. Clients will be able to get the rental equipment that they need without having to worry about multiple contracts. Caterpillar is also creating an innovative billing system for the program.

United Rental and Industrial Rental Services Reach Deal

United Rentals announced that it acquired the assets of Industrial Rental Services from JMH Capital. Industrial Rental Services is a leading provider of radio solutions throughout The United States. The acquisition will help expand the company’s rental fleet. United Rentals will now have access to new blinds and radios. The radios will assist workers as they complete tasks in power generation environments.

Triax and United Rentals Collaborate

Triax technologies announced that they are joining forces. United Rentals will now offer Triax’s IoT system at its branches. Triax uses IoT sensor technology to provide the company with more information concerning worker and asset management. The technology will sync with United Rentals’ web-based software.

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